VitroTEM: Project planning, preview stages exploring how to
show these minute scenes, 3D modeling, ‘Cycles’ rendering.
x5 versions to completion.

Client: Vitrotem

Project: Molecule isolation with graphene

Purpose: VitroTEM publications, website, and marketing.

The challenge: 3D modeling will be a challenge in this one. VitroTEM makes a machine that isolates microscopic samples for scientific analysis. The droplet sits on a 3 mm disc, and the molecule within the droplet is smaller than the thickness of a hair. We had not used 3D visualization for such small scenes before. Getting our heads around the scale was the first challenge. We modeled different types of molecules as the main focus and the graphene layers with a grid size that would not distract from the molecules. Lighting and rendering style played a large part in the final stages and lifted the 3D rendering results to the required quality for the client’s purpose. The whole scene was ready to make 3D animation if the client wished.

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