BTG Positioning Systems

BTG Positioning Systems: Project planning, 3D modeling of
sensors, 3D animation, various render styles of multiple
sequences. Compositing.

Client: BTG Positioning Systems 

Project: Explanation of crane positioning transponder technology

Purpose: Website, informational, and marketing.

Our challenge: Production of 3D modeling and 3D animation for BTG Positioning systems transponder products to be shown in operation in a typical container port setting. Various animated clips were made from these 3D models, including the following projects (Random order).

1)Zoom-in clips for all crane types. We made a typical container port scene with a looping background animation so that the clip would loop seamlessly. We zoom in on all different crane types from the same starting point to show the sensors. A simple 3D visualization style with a black line around everything gives a techie look. Containers on the typical port scene have the BTG logo. We continued this tradition for the following BTG projects we did. At the 3D rendering stage, we used the ‘Eevee’ render engine, perfect for stylized

2)RTG transmitter & receiver animation. We animated the detailed motion of a container as handled by an RTG fitted with BTG products to measure movement on three axes in terms of translation, rotation, and velocity.

3)RFM sensors on an ASC and AGV. We animated an ASC and AGV guided by transponders and sensors at differing spacings in the ground.

4)STS transmitter & receiver for micromotion, anti-sway, positioning. We modeled a cut-through typical deep-sea ship unloaded by an STS with the help of BTG sensor equipment. Various ten-second clips came from this animation.‍

Other case studies:
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