Esra: Project planning, product research, 3D modeling
many types of racking systems & multiple series of renders
for use on their upcoming new website.

Client: Esra Turn Key Projects

Project: Many types of warehouse racking

Purpose: Website images for a new business venture.

The challenge: 3D visualizations of 4 warehouses and multiple racking systems for use on their new website. Make detailed 3D modeling of the many racking solutions they install in their warehouses. The four whole warehouses Esra wanted us to make should be easy to do, right? The various racking systems had to be understood before we got this anywhere near right. From a high-level overview of a whole warehouse, racking options are distinguishable to the trained eye, and with client patience, our efforts paid off. We made four completely different warehouse layouts with all the expected activity and vehicles, complete with warehouse workers. We produced close-up 3D renderings of each area of the four warehouses. Models were also ready to make 3D animation if required by Esra Turn Key Projects in the future.

Other case studies:
3D visuals for Vitrotem.

3D animation for Blue Heart heat pump.

AP3 & platform for Ampyx Power.

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