North Sea Port
(Zeeland Seaports)

North Sea Port (Zeeland Seaports): Project planning, 3D model
of Vlissingen Oost and Terneuzen areas, 3D modeling,
rendering, animation, and video editing.

Client: North Sea Port (Zeeland Seaports)

Project: Various marketing and concept visualization projects

Purpose: 3D marketing material relevant to Vlissingen Oost and Terneuzen port development.

The challenge: In cooperation with Zeeland Seaports (now known as North Sea Port since 2018), we had many 3D visualization assignments. We made a 3D environment model of the Vlissingen Oost and the Terneuzen area as far as Gent.

The background model featured in many ZSP 3D visualizations, including (random order)
1) Solarpark surrounding Vlissingen Oost port area
2) European Tesla factory concept location
3) Concept shortsea port in Vlissingen Oost
4) Central gate 
concept location
5) Marketing clips
 and trade show material

Our 3D scale model of Vlissingen/Terneuzen is ready to serve again whenever we get the opportunity!

Other case studies:
3D visuals for Vitrotem.

3D animation for Blue Heart heat pump.

AP3 & platform for Ampyx Power.

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