Provincie Gelderland

Provincie Gelderland: 3D modeling from 2D CAD of the rail
terminal.3D environment 10 km square area. 3D animated
fly-over and renders made in Lumion.

Client: Provincie Gelderland

Project : Railterminal Gelderland

Purpose: 3D modeling & visualization for marketing and informational purposes.

The challenge: To help Provincie Gelderland inform residents of proposed developments using 3D visualization of the proposed inland rail terminal environment with significant landmarks and infrastructure. Compare views from various angles of the proposed tree screening 5m planting height and 20m full-grown height. The location is alongside the A15 environment and includes a long access road parallel to the A15 in Gelderland. The 3D modeling of the rail terminal we made from 2D CAD files. We modeled local landmarks, villages, a newly developed business park, extensive roadside tree screening, and adapted road junctions. We made 3D renderings from key locations to show the effect of 5m planting height and 20m full-grown height visual screening. We made a high-level fly-over 3D animation clip where we circle the 10km square location following the service road to the terminal.

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