T3S BV: Research Padel-tennis, 3D modeling & materials in Blender. People, vehicles, trees, and flowers with day/night lighting, cameras & rendering in Lumion.

Client: T3S BV

Project: Padel Tennis Breda

Purpose: To generate interest and potential investors.

The challenge: T3S BV requested 3D visualization for a proposed Padel Tennis Club in Breda. The timing was just right for us to use the latest Lumion release for this project. With a low-budget and high expectations, we found a way to help this client. With their verbal and written description of the proposed club, we threw something together using 3D modeling skills and produced a series of day and evening 3D renders. That's the benefit of using Lumion for lighting and quick results that are towards being photo-realistic. Clients seem to love Lumion renders. And yes, it's another great Dutch product. T3S BV had no need for 3D animation for this project, but as always, the models were ready to make a walk-through if needed.

Other case studies:
Miko's World for Unlimited Snow BV.

Railterminal Gelderland for Provincie Gelderland.

3D visualization for Delta3.

Padel Tennis Breda daytime guests walking from carpark to entrance area.
Padel Tennis Breda daytime landscaping in front of entrance area.
Padel Tennis Breda evening view from carpark to entrance area.
Padel Tennis Breda evening landscaping in front of entrance area.
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