Unlimited Snow Mikos World

Unlimited Snow Mikos World: 3D modeling and theming.
Lumion rendering and walkthrough. x5 versions. The whole
series of renders got adjusted in Lightbox.

Client: Unlimited Snow BV

Project: Unlimited Snow Mikos World 3D model and walkthrough

Purpose: Marketing and for potential investors.

The challenge

Produce a fully themed 3D model of the 5000m2 tented Unlimited Snow Mikos World with all the attractions and different areas complete with visitors, mood-lighting, and some 3D animation viewed by a 3D animated walkthrough. Unlimited Snow’s design started as a tent but eventually became an inflatable dome 50 x 100 x 16 m. Getting the attractions to fit is often a task in itself, as these projects are still in development when we get involved in making animation and renders. Eventually, all attractions and areas were in place, and a camera path was planned for the overnight 3D rendering. We added animated guests, to be able to provide previews and final 3D visualization for Unlimited Snow to take further.

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