HVC Group

Our Work:

Large 3D environment model with the proposed solar-panel park in the center 3D renderings and animated flyover in Lumion. On-screen text and titles & music track.

Client: HVC Group

Project: Visualization of Amstelwijck and Tripkouw solarparks.

Purpose: Marketing and informational.

The challenge: 3D visualization of proposed sun park with 11,5500 sun panels in location Amstelwijck showing full installation in surroundings between the highway and railway line. Output was to be 3D animation in the form of a fly-over with walk-through parts at eye-level. 3D modeling the solar panels from CAD info and placing them on location to be able to fly around with moving traffic and trains. We didn't spend much time on landscaping the panels to fit into the environment which is something we would now do by default for similar projects. Both projects went through the preview stage to final versions with some small changes in the 3D rendering stage at the end, all closely monitored by the client. We have had a number of projects from HVC. 

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