Blue Heart

Our Work:

Prepare the CAD models for use in Blender, and separate them into relevant parts for animation. Project planning, 3D modeling. 3D rendering & animation with voice-over and music. Post-production editing.

Client: Blue Heart Energy

Project: Thermo acoustic heat pump

Purpose: Website, informational, and marketing.

Our challenge: Audio-visual 3D animation to explain how the Blue Heart Energy thermo-acoustic engine for heat pumps works. A disruptive technology to enable the total eradication of the emissions currently generated to heat and cool our buildings, with the potential to reduce huge amounts of CO2 per year per pump. Our taks was to 3D visualization how the ebb and flow action of the revolutionary heat pump in cut-away view sounded easy. We tried various ways with 3D modeling to show the heat movement and in the end settled on the simplest of ways. It is merely a 2D surface with animated vertices going back and forth in time with the movement of the pump. Zooming out at the end to show how it applies to a domestic heating situation. The final 3D rendering included arrows showing the direction and temperature of flow were rendered on a transparent layer and composited afterward.

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