Our Work:

2D CAD into a low-poly 3D model. Realistic materials. All items logically named Gantry wheels, Boogies, Sill-beams, Legs, Girders, etc. Everything made full-size with the relevant moving parts is clearly labeled, and parented. Pivot points had to be adjusted for realistic motion. Unity scene and FBX.

Client: Siemens

Project: Rubber Tyred Gantry crane for use in Unity

Purpose: Asset for use in in-house virtual crane control training system. 

The challenge: Siemens sometimes use 3D models for 3D visualization using agame engine. We had to develop a detailed 3D low-poly model of a specific RTG with realistic textures. The ground was to be realistically sloping for drainage and the crane would be programmed by Siemens to respond correctly with respect to gravity and real-life forces and handling in this virtual environment. 3D modeling had to be accurate with a  good file structure to enable others to work on our files afterward. Our source info came in 2D CAD form and converting manually 2D CAD into low-poly 3D textured models to scale was the main part of this project. They also needed a detailed 3D model of a 12m shipping container. The resultant models are useful for 3D rendering or 3D animation where these modesl are merely part of a much larger environment.

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