Our Work:

Big-scene visualization for connecting road in Flevoland the Netherlands. New road from 2D CAD into 3D model. Google street view images for a camera-matching photo montage. New objects modeled in Blender and trees in Lumion. 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and photo-montage.

Client: Delta3

Project: Infrastructure visualization & Photomontage for sun-panel placement

Purpose: Informational and decision-making.

Our challenge: The road junction and bike underpass project in Flevoland was involved 3D modeling from 2D CAD information leading to 3D rendering images from different viewpoints. The sun panel and trees projects were quick 3D visualization projects with little input from the advertising agency which is the kind of challenge we like. We sourced local images from Google Street View and then modeled 3D scenes to scale to position the new elements matching the camera angle of the street view images. We knew the photomontage would then work properly to be able to show realistic before and after situations. We don't get these types of projects often but we learned a lot in the process. We could have made a 3D animated fly-over using the models already made if the client had requested it.

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