BTG Positioning Systems

Our Work:

Project planning, 3D modeling of various sensors, 3D animation, exploring various render styles, 3D rendering of multiple sequences as well as multiple camera paths and compositing.

Client: BTG Positioning Systems

Project: Explanation of crane positioning transponder technology

Purpose: Website, informational, and marketing.

Our challenge: Production of 3D modeling and 3D animation of BTG transponder products shown in operation in a detailed container port setting. Zoom-in clips for all BTG sensing equipment and operations animations for RFM, ASC & STS applications. We made a typical container port scene with a looping background animation so that the clip could be shown seamlessly. Different crane types needed to have the unique transponder and receiver locations shown close-up by zooming in per crane, and all from the same starting point. We developed a simple 3D visualization style with a line around everything to give a techy look. Of course, all the containers on the terminal have the BTG logo. We continued this tradition for other BTG projects that followed this project. Getting things to the 3D rendering stage quickly became easy this time using the ‘Eevee’ render engine which can eliminate unnecessary long render times per frame.

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