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Client: Ampyx Power

Project: AP3 platform on land and sea

Purpose: 3D modeling and animation for public information, marketing, and decision-making.

Our challenge: Airborne Wind Energy Systems are a solution for cheap energy, and AmpyxPower is developing the AP3 drone to harvest high-level wind energy. We have completed many 3D animation projects for this client while they were creating the AP2 and the AP3. For the AP3, we received 3D models of the plane and tether connection from the client, which saved time in production and got us quickly to the 3D rendering stage. Our task was to animate take-off and landing with 3D modeling of the test-site location in Northern Ireland, focusing on the platform. 

Next, AmpyxPower wanted us to visualize a vast Ocean wind farm consisting of one-hundred adapted floating platforms, each with a tethered AP4, a scaled-up version of the AP3. Deep-water ocean scene where the high-level wind is more easily accessible.

Other case studies:
Miko's World for Unlimited Snow BV.

Railterminal Gelderland for Provincie Gelderland.

3D visualization for Delta3.

3D render of AP3 tethered-drone on its launchpad.
3D close-up render of AP3 tethered-drone on its launchpad.
3D render of AP3 tethered-drone as it flies overhead with blue sky above.
3D render of AP3 tethered-drone comes in to land landing gear open and ready.
3D concept visual of multiple tethered-drones and platforms anchored mid-ocean wind farm.
Top view of drone on launchpad with sharp shadow for contrast.
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