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Without the overhead and big-boy prices, AB Creative provides stunning B2B animation & visualization services. Even though we’re a boutique company, ABCreative is always happy to help new and returning clients with their projects!

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Here’s answers to our most common questions

What does it take to get started

• Your purpose for using 3D services, goals, products
• 3D Animation: Simple Text Document What You Want = Storyboard
• Reference materials in any shape, sketches or concept drawings
• Detailed 2D CAD information.
• 3D models of any software package
• More or less information, we can produce a presentation

How much time per project

• Short projects can only take a few days
• 2-3 minutes of animation last about 2-6 weeks
• Longer projects can take eight weeks or more
• Rendering takes place on render farm

What is the next step?

• Contact us to discuss your project
• Best approach per project, deadline, budget
• Written proposal and quotation
• If agreed, we start!

What is the Work process?

• Contact by email, calls, skype, meetings
• Preview and final presentation produced
• Delivery by email, Vimeo, WeTransfer
• Changes professionally processed

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