Unlimited Snow Kaifeng

Unlimited Snow Kaifeng: 3D modeling and different stages of design theming with US. Lumion lighting, rendering, and walkthrough. Renders at various stages.

Client: Unlimited Snow Kaifeng

Project: Kaifeng Snow Dome China, 3D model, renders, walkthrough.

Purpose: Design development and marketing for potential investors.

The challenge: Unlimited Snow Kaifeng was an outstanding project to work on! There were various stages/levels of delivery. Produce a fully themed 3D model of the 10000m2 concept indoor snow playground for Kaifeng, China. All the attractions to be themed and relating to the overall story of the theme park. Different areas, complete with animated visitors, mood-lighting using some multicolored effects, and some 3D animation viewed through a partially animated 3D walkthrough. Eventually, with the various attractions in place, an atmospheric lighting stage began to be ready for rendering. Overnight, we rendered the 3D rendering walkthrough and a large series of 3D renders. Post-editing stage using Adobe Lightroom happened for the renders.

Other case studies:
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