About Us


After a professional career break Andrew Brady went on the specialise in retail visualisation servicing various design agencies in London on short contracts drawing heavily on his 3D design background.

More and more of his potential work was being taken by digital 3D visualisers. It was time to get into 3D design and modelling and thus join the digital age starting a journey that continues to this day.

Quality at a competitive price

Now after about 10 years experience with clients of all sizes both in the Netherlands and abroad we can produce quality artist impressions, visuals, 3D animation and ARVR products for competitive prices.

Some of our returning clients have indicated that another important aspect of our work is client confidentiality.

Team goal

We enjoy our work and the contact with clients that this brings. In order to offer our returning clients and potential new clients the latest techniques and digital output that is available we each have the desire to keep learning and expanding our personal capacity and abilities in and outside this context. Like the rest of the world we are enjoying this digital journey of discovery, reinventing ourselves every now and then as the digital climate develops a stage further.

Our projects

About 50% of our main projects in recent years cannot be shown on our website as these animations and content is being used in a current tender process in different parts of the world and is for this reason confidential. Call it ‘businesstobusiness’ if you like and we are more than happy to continue to provide content for these clients if they choose to return for more. The projects that are shown are in chronological order the most recent examples rise to the top depending on the chosen tag. Enjoy ?

We work now several years with Andrew Brady in a large variety of work. From artist impressions of large port areas to illustrations for reports and even business related comics. Andrew is an artist with pencil and computer and also has the ability to understand rapidly what we want to show our management and potential clients.

Maurits van Schuylenburg, Senior Projectleider Logistieke Ontwikkeling | Port of Rotterdam

Our team